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How To Compare Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds

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Even the most experienced jeweller or gemologists or even a geologist will not be able to discern if at all a diamond originated from a lab or occurred naturally deep in the earth just by looking at these stones with the naked eye or a magnifying glass. 

They will only be able to tell the difference between the two with the assistance of a powerful microscope as both diamonds have the same properties with the only difference being the fact that natural diamonds would contain trace amounts of nitrogen imbedded in them. 

The small amount of nitrogen in natural diamonds and the unique fluorescence in lab diamonds are about the only way that anybody would be able to identify which is which, otherwise natural and lab grown diamonds are exactly the same. 

Lab grown diamonds are also crystalized carbons just like natural diamonds; however, the lab versions are curated in high-tech laboratories that mimic the same natural processes that result in natural diamonds being formed.  

The differences in the value or the high price of natural diamonds are not because of the quality of natural diamonds, the high price is due to the high cost and risk of mining for these gemstones. 

These costs (mining, risk factors) involving natural diamonds are non-existent with lab grown diamonds due to the latest advancements in technology that are able to recreate the natural process that occurs in nature involving mainly elements of temperature, pressure and vapour deposition at a much faster rate than nature. 

Most people who are familiar with gemstones agree that the advantages offered via lab grown diamonds outweigh the disadvantages that mainly pertain to the association of natural diamond certifications which are primarily associated with status more than anything else. 

As a matter of fact there are quite a bit of negative elements that are associated with natural diamonds that have brought about concerns involving both humans and the environment associated with mining. 

In summary, lab diamonds or synthetic diamonds are deemed as ethical diamonds and those who love gems would be able to enjoy the beauty of their precious stones without any form of guilt. 

Lab diamonds are generally of higher quality and often have higher aesthetic value as they are curated according to specifics in controlled environments opposed to natural diamonds that occur through chance as Mother Nature goes about her business. 

In short, comparisons have revealed that diamonds produced by nature possess higher percentages of defects comparative to diamonds curated in labs, however this factor does not help in terms of the value of lab diamonds as natural diamonds retain their value a lot better that lab diamonds. 

For those who are investing for love through diamonds, lab diamonds might be the best option given their greater beauty and lower price, nevertheless, for those investing for money, then the best option would be to buy natural diamonds or precious metals. 

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