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  • Written by Kelly Sturgeon

While Bali's tourism continues to bolster the Indonesian economy, businesses on this idyllic holiday isle are developing a renewed focus toward sustainable practices to ensure their paradise does not end up buried under a pile of plastic!

With millions of visitors lobbing onto Bali's shores annually, it's little wonder the island's natural resources are stretched, but thanks to the growing attention to local environmental issues and the implementation of eco-friendly operating procedures throughout an increasing number of Bali businesses, there is renewed hope for a more positive future. Those involved in agriculture and tourism across the island are achingly aware it is up to them to lead the charge, adapting to a pro environmental approach for a sustainable Bali in years to come.

In addition to internationally recognised, youth driven initiatives like Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Bali's environmental crusaders come in numerous forms, from recycling specialists Eco Bali, to compost companies such as Urban Biologist, waste free warriors like Zero Waste and IbuBumi Bali and 'refillutionary' apps like RefillMyBottle to encourage water conservation and reduction of single use water bottles. But it's not just these guys championing Bali's environmental causes. An increasing number of tourism operators and hospitality houses are implementing eco-friendly methods into daily operations, doing their bit for a sustainable Bali.

Boutique resort Bisma Cottages in Ubud has been employing such practices for some time now. Single use plastic bottles for guest drinking water have not been offered since 2017, opting instead for hygienic, refillable glass bottles. Plastic straws have also been adiosed in favour of the metal variety. Linens are changed every three days in deference to water conservation and a reduction of detergents in natural waterways. Small, reusable bags have been locally produced and donated to the nearby warung in an effort to discourage the use of plastic bags for takeaway food. The T-shirts that form part of Bisma Cottages' staff uniforms are actually made from a fabric comprising of 60% cotton and 40% recycled plastic! Even the decking around the pool at Bisma plays a part in this resort's nod to eco-tourism. When it was time for it to be replaced in 2018, the owner opted to use Conwood - a pro environmental product made from a mix of recycled plastic and sawdust!

Every small change is a step toward a cleaner greener Bali and it is up to local operators, residents and even tourists to play a part in sustainable tourism. With the discerning traveller in 2020 leaning more toward accommodation options that promote a 'greener' approach, it is in everyone's best interests to get on board.

To experience your own slice of mountain paradise, at Bisma Cottages check out their website: or follow them on instagram @bismacottages for their latest accommodation deals and up to the minute events in the Ubud area.



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