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Top 7 Cultural Festivals In Australia

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Aside from being entertaining, Australians also have a lot of fun. Hundreds of festivals happen all across the country. These are usually held for decades, though a few have started recently. The festivals depict the country's natural beauty.

These festivals are based on various themes. They have a lot of fun. So make sure to go to all of them this year to experience Australia's best festivals.

Adelaide Festival

The Adelaide Festival, which was first held in 2017, is a yearly event that showcases various forms of art. It's a celebration of the skills that capture the imagination of both locals and foreign visitors. Some featured events include performances by different visual arts, dance forms, opera, classical music, and theatre.

The Adelaide Festival has become a massive event in its short history. It's also sometimes compared to other small festivals such as Writers Week and WOMADelaide. If you're a fan of art and music, this festival is for you.

Woodford Fork Festival

Each year, one of the most widespread festivals in Australia is the Woodford Festival. This event is held in the forest near Brisbane. It's a folk lifestyle festival focused on celebrating the area's natural beauty. Aside from the various arts events featured, the festival also offers a variety of ceremonies inside the forest.

Australia Day

If you're in Australia on January 26, you'll be able to experience the country's most notable celebrations. On this day, people gather to celebrate the country's greatness. They also enjoy various types of food and fireworks.

Melbourne International Arts Festival

The Melbourne International Arts Festival is a yearly event that brings various art forms to the city. This affair is considered one of the most significant festivals in Australia. It features multiple performances and art exhibits.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

The Adelaide Fringe Festival is regarded as one of the biggest festivals in the world. It takes place in February and March each year. During these two months, the city is transformed into an arts festival.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival was first held in 1960. It has been happening regularly since then. During February and March, you will see how each corner of the city has been transformed into a different type of venue.

Anzac Day

On April 25, every year, Australians commemorate when New Zealand and Australia joined forces to take part in the first meaningful military action of the First World War. This event is known as ANZAC Day. It is also marked by various events such as church services and prayers at dawn.

Moomba Festival

The Moomba Festival is a yearly event on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne. It features various food and fun activities, such as fireworks and rides. The festival is a great way to spend the Labor Day weekend with your family and friends.

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